The rental fee includes the usage of a boat, insurance and a berth.
The lessor is obliged to deliver a boat ready for navigation, which implies a technically correct and accurate boat, fully equipped in accordance with the accessions register, and its fuel and water tanks being filled.

At the boat takeover the guest is obliged to ascertain the overall condition of the boat and its equipment, and to check whether or not the equipment on the boat is in concordance with the accessions register.


The afore-mentioned is to be affirmed by the guest signing the accessions register.
Complaints on the overall condition of the boat and its equipment, as well as the complaints on the disaccord of the equipment with the accessions register, the guest can report only before the beginning of the journey, at the takeover.

The fuel is not included into the rental cost.
The lessee gets the full tank at the takeover, and on their return they bring back the boat with the full tank.
In case the boat or any of its parts or its equipment gets damaged, on purpose or because of the guest’s carelessness, the guest takes the responsibility for all the expenses for the repair, replacement or a boat purchase.

The reimbursement is to be taken from the deposit.
If the damage requires more expenses than the deposit can cover, the guest is obliged to compensate the full amount for the damage expenses.
If there is damage on the engine due to the defect in the cooling system or the lack of oil in the engine, the lessee is not responsible for the damage on the condition of informing the boat owner immediately.