Rescue at sea is a serious and dangerous job that needs a lot of skill, preparation, equipment and other hardware to a serious organization. Unfortunately, he devotes very little attention, in fact, we started thinking about it when it happens, or late. Before we say anything on this subject it is necessary to separate the "rescue" of "helping the sea." When we say rescue, they often mean saving human lives at sea and that part is solely responsible Sari National Centre for Search and Rescue. Can save the assets and then come the commercial services that are registered for it, but in fact they are mostly concerned with helping the situation at sea when a boat owner or skipper are not able to solve the problem that they have.

Saving human lives can access and commercial support services at sea, but only in coordination with the Centre for search and rescue, and only when the service is requested of them. These are the rescue of human life completely free of charge because the preservation of human life in the center of interest of each state. All other interventions that include salvage or assistance at sea commercial in nature so they are obliged to pay the owners of the vessel, according to generally known usance international maritime law.