All kinds of underwater works and diving services.

To perform underwater operations have all the necessary documentation and approval of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction.

We are able to perform all kinds of underwater works and other works related to the coast, harbors and marinas:

     Underwater repair of concrete polymer

     Underwater operation with manual hydraulic or pneumatic tools

     Underwater repairs Coast

     Underwater hand cutting, breaking and drilling of reinforced concrete

     Underwater cutting tools, hydraulic fittings or electrodes

     Underwater manual excavation materials

     Reclamation and ground leveling

     Underwater wash pumps high pressure

     Underwater setup telecommunication cables and electric lines

     Making mooring system in marinas, harbors and moorings

     Underwater filming of the banks, pipelines, telecommunications cables and electric lines and offshore structures

     Guiding the construction of hydroelectric facilities

     Finding and removing sunken vessels or objects

     Building a submarine outfall

     Underwater blasting

     Making a photograph of the works

     Bumper mounting in ports, jetties and moorings

     Development of coastal protection cables and pipelines