Set sail from Korčula to the island of Vis

Excursion to Vis and the Blue Cave

Visit the island of Vis with us, certainly one of the most picturesque Croatian islands. The Vis archipelago is part of the UNESCO world network of geoparks.
During the excursion, the plan is to visit the most popular locations on the island such as the town of Komiža, the Blue Cave on the island of Biševo and Stiniva beach. After an hour’s ride from Vela Luka on Korčula, we disembark in the fishing town of Komiža on the western side of the island. You will have plenty of time to explore the town or have lunch at one of the nearby restaurants. After free time in Komiža, we will head to the island of Biševo, 5 NM from Komiža port, and visit the Blue Cave.
In addition to the Blue Cave, there is also the Green Cave on the island of Ravnik in the Vis archipelago, which is a geomorphological monument of nature, and the entire island of Ravnik has been declared a significant landscape. During the excursion, you will have the opportunity to visit Stiniva bay, which has been declared one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic due to its unusual beauty of wild rocks and inaccessibility. There is also free time planned for swimming.
Excursion to Vis and the Blue Cave

Excursion schedule

  • DEPARTURE: in the morning (around 8.30am), return in the afternoon (around 5.30pm)
  • DURATION: 1 hour and 15 minutes speedboat ride
  • MEETING POINT: the petrol station Ina in the centre of Vela Luka
  • ITINERARY: during the excursion, there is free time for lunch (optional*) in Komiža and/or a tour of an authentic fishing town, followed by a break for swimming. The most visited beach is Stiniva, but due to it being too crowded during the summer months, it is possible to change the route in agreement with our skipper and take a break for swimming in one of the island’s numerous beautiful beaches.
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED: transport, skipper, refreshments and fruit
  • WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: ticket to enter the Blue Cave, purchased at the entrance to the cave and it costs 10 euros. Lunch is not included in the price (there are restaurants in the town of Komiža with affordable prices and good food recommended by the skipper)
  • the excursion is organized in smaller groups of 6-10 passengers (for larger groups it is possible to organize an excursion with two boats*)
  • BOAT: transportation is provided by fast boat: Cap Camarat 750 CC or Merry Fisher 750
  • the price does not include the ticket for the Blue Cave, which is 10 euros.
  • WHAT TO BRING: as most of the excursion is planned on the boat, it is mandatory to bring light clothing for protection from the sun, a hat and sunscreen, extra water and food if you do not plan to have lunch in Komiža.
  • PRICE: depends on the number of people, price at request

Additional information

  • *During the tourist season the excursion is organized approximately every other day (3-4 times a week) when a smaller group of passengers is filled. Reservations are made via e-mail, phone call or message (Viber, Whatsapp) to the number found on our website.
  • The entrance to the Blue Cave is organized by the Tourist Board of the town of Komiža, and it is solely possible to enter the cave by transferring to their smaller boat, during which time our skipper will be waiting for you nearby*
  • Excursions are organized by Merry Fisher 700 or Merry Fisher 750 boats
  • Larger groups: in case of more than 12 people it is possible to organize the excursion by two boats
  • In case of bad weather, the excursion is postponed for the next day

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Excursion to Vis and the Blue Cave


Immerse yourself in the blue of the Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is situated on the eastern side of the island of Biševo, in the Balun cove, and is a world-famous phenomenon due to its characteristic blue color. It consists of two halls, with a total length of 36 m. It was made by long-term crashing of waves on the steep coast. It is partially under the sea. Through a nature made opening below sea level, around noon, sunlight penetrates to the white rocks at the sea floor, from where it reflects and illuminates the cave in blue, and the objects in the sea in silver. It was popularized by the Austrian diplomat and naturalist Eugen Ransonnet-Villez, who in 1884 opened a second entrance (about 2 m wide), through which a boat with no oars can pass. It has been protected as a geomorphological natural monument since 1951.

Excursion to Vis and the Blue Cave


Natural beauties of the island of Vis

Vis is an island in the central Dalmatian archipelago, stretching from east to west. It is 17 km long and 8 km wide. There are two safe bays on the island around which the two main towns of Komiža on the west coast and Vis in the eastern part of the north coast have formed. Due to its exceptionally beautiful and indented coastline, it is a popular tourist destination. Most of the islets such as Pločica, Greben, Paržanj Veli, Paržanj Mali, Budikovac Veli, Budikovac Mali, and Ravnik (the Green Cave) are situated along the east and south coast which we will see during the excursion. There are also the cliffs Pupak, Zuberka and Gambur.

Excursion to Vis and the Blue Cave


The island of caves and steep coasts

Biševo is an islet 5 km southwest of Komiža Bay and town of Komiža. The island has a steep coast, caves and sandy beaches. Among the many coastal caves, the most famous are The Blue Cave on the east coast of the island and Monk Seal’s Cave (Medvidina špilja). The small population is engaged in the cultivation of grape vines and olives, as well as fishing, and in recent times, tourism associated with visiting the Blue Cave and sandy beaches.

Excursion to Vis and the Blue Cave


A small fishing town with a rich tradition

Komiža, a town and port on the western side of the island of Vis, has, for centuries, been a place of fishermen and winegrowers. The small town was formed around the Komiža bay. Nearby, there is ‘Komuna’, a Venetian fortress from the 16th century that nowadays hosts the Fisherman’s Museum. ‘Falkuša’, traditional wooden fishing boat ‘gajeta’ from Komiža can be found along the coast. In the center of the old city, most of the houses are from the 17th and 18th century, and the Zanchi Palace is located on the small square. On the western side of Komiža on a pebble beach there is St. Mary’s church, known as ‘Gusarica’, and on the vineyard hill above the town rises ‘Muster’ – a church and monastery dedicated to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors, seaman and fishermen.

Excursion to Vis and the Blue Cave


Have a swim on the natural beach

Ravnik islet is situated along the southeast coast of Vis near the village Rukavac. The Green Cave is located on the islet of Ravnik, protected as a geomorphological monument of nature since 1967 . It got its name from the greenish reflection of the sea, made by sunrays seeping through the opening in the vault of the cave. The Green Cave, in which you can take a swim, has two larger entrances so it can be entered by a motorless boat.

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