Susac trip best destination for all adventure lovers

Island of Susac is about 16 nautical miles away from west coast of Vela Luka.  Its south/west coast is steep and definitely breathtaking, while others are gentle and hilly and perfect to reach by boat.

kayak izlet

Explore the beautiful islands on the southern side of the island!
An active holiday with a kayak tour that starts in the bay Tri Porte
around the islands Trstenik, Pržnjak and Lukovac.

big game fishing vela luka 06Known from ancient times troughout the world as a jewel of the Adriatic Sea, Korčula or Corcyra Nigra, has rich mythological and colorful history of seafarers and explorers. But it is just as famous for providing some of the most exhilarating and challenging Big Game Fishing anywhere in the Europe.

Traditional fishing is a unique experience of fishing using traditional tools for catching fish. Longline is a series of hooks with bait which is thrown into the night and removed at dawn. We also offer hunting with a stick with more types of baits and techniques of hunting!
After fishing we take you to lunch on the island Proizd or on lonely beaches that are inaccessible by land.

 A pleasant boat ride from the island of Korcula come to the island of Biševo,
one of the many islands of the archipelago surrounding Vis.

Biševo is best known for its Blue Cave, unique, world-famous natural phenomenon and the small village of Porat, where there are restaurants where you can try the famous wine Biševska pumice.


In front of your hotel, apartment or a pear in the center of Vela Luka

Departure time :

The trip can be arranged at a time that is convenient for you

Duration :

Full day 6 hours - 8 hours





If  you want  to spend a  perfect day on the island that has the title of the sunniest place in Croatia, counting 2700 sunny days per year- embark on a boat with us and cruise your way to the Island of Hvar.


This excursion is an amazing opportunity to see the beauty of the  Croatian Archipelgos.

The light, the sounds, the slap of the Adriatic against the shore....the call of the sea and ancient time.


Hvar is not famous only for its uniquely sunny microclimate, but also for rich history and cultural heritage.

proizd bEACH
Sandy, pebble, rocky beach..You name it, Korcula has it.




We pointed beaches, bays and hidden spots across the island on a map.

Rent a boat and find your favorite swimming and sun bathing spot on the island.

Choose one of the excursions from our offer.Enjoy the sea or take a unique picture and create your own postcard from Korcula, seen from the seaside.


We invite you to start sailing with us into this unforgettable adventure. Enjoy the the pleasures offered by the sea and sun,

swim and dive at the beautiful pebble beaches on Island of Proizd.

Relax in the shade of small traditional stone house along with the taste of dalmatian traditional food-
afresh grilled fish, olive oil and good local wine.

This type of excursion is assigned to all lovers of the sea,
food and the natural beauty of the untouched nature of our islands.